R   E   V   I   E   W   S  


Limelight Magazine, September 2021

Dreams and Visions (Southern Cross Soloists)

"The haunting virtuosic flute solo of Queenslander Jonathan Henderson entwined with rivulets of melody played by multi-award-winning pianist Roger Cui to recreate a fantastical daydream in the forest" [Debussy’s Prélude à l’aprés-midi d’un faune]

"...a sublime flute solo from Henderson." [Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloé Suite No 2]

The Creative Issue, September 2021

Southern Cross Soloists Dream Away in Dreams and Visions

"For flautist Jonathan Henderson, his portrait moment came in Debussy’s Prélude á l’aprés-midi d’un faune. This piece demanded the flautist to be delicate, detailed, and yet expressive."

The Creative Issue, June 2021

Sonic Beethoven Soars to New Heights

"Jonathan Henderson and Alex Raineri dazzled, presenting the varied, dynamic scope of the flute-piano duo."

"To close the concert, they moved to a contemporary work by Brisbane composer Paul Dean, Falling Ever Deeper. This virtuosic piece allowed Jonathan to showcase a rich range of flute timbres. Jonathan’s flute soared. He mastered the challenging articulations and phrasing with drama, speed and accuracy. Throughout the piece, Jonathan and pianist Alex Raineri performed with balance and emotional sensitivity."

Weekend Notes, June 2021

Contra Concerts – Sonic Beethoven

“Jonathan Henderson has established a niche, and a following. We look forward to more offerings with imaginative programming, well-chosen venues, and superb musicianship.”

"Flute and piano gave us an unforgettable and extended emotional scream in the opening movement, so powerful as to colour the entirety of the composition. A clearly thrilled composer congratulated the musicians amid the enthusiastic applause."

Limelight Magazine, May 2021

Digital Debussy (Contra Concerts in association with Southern Cross Soloists)

“Granger, Wannan and Henderson impressed with some spectacular playing, both skilled technically and emotionally poignant.”

"Henderson, the flautist and curator, makes a point in his program notes that the three pieces chosen have both a logical chronological narrative and present an undeniable continuity of musical language over an entire century.  Initially sceptical of such a claim, the concert certainly proved that the two recent works followed a demonstrable linear fluidity from the original, offering a rich addition to and enhancing of the earlier work itself. This was clever and interesting programming that also showed off the range and complexity of the three instruments to great effect, and introduced some relevant expert electronics. Assisted by first-class musicianship, the concert was presented in an atmospheric, intimate space with excellent acoustics that added to the enjoyment."

Stage Whispers, May 2021

Bach Out Loud

"But there are more treats to come as the accomplished Jonathan Henderson takes to the stage with his flute – joined by cello and keys – for the Flute Sonata in B minor, in a joyous performance."

Weekend Notes, May 2021

Bach Out Loud – Contra Concerts

"Add to cello and harpsichord Jonathon Henderson on flute for the Sonata in B minor played in joyous and celebratory mode, and our spirits, already delighted, were further lifted."

O'Connel The Music, August 2020

The Night of the Arranger

“The flautist took on the vocal part with a generously phrased volubility and giving us a well-prepared climax”

The Creative Issue, August 2020

Southern Cross Soloists Shine at Brisbane Music Festival

“...for the two wind soloists, this piece was a conversation which displayed breath-taking virtuosity."

Loud Mouth – The Music Trust Ezine, March 2020

Spanish Souvenirs – Jonathan Henderson & Emily Granger

“Les Folies d’Espagne gave Henderson a solo opportunity to display the breadth of his capabilities...The paradox of playing complex notated music while also embracing a sense of spontaneity was balanced to great effect here, a level of virtuoso-control rarely heard.

Brisbane Stage, March 2020

Spanish Souvenirs – Jonathan Henderson & Emily Granger

“It is hard to believe these two musicians only formed their partnership last year; their connection in performance is second to none... Marais’ “Les Folies d’Espagne” for solo flute reveals Henderson’s virtuosity and exposes the demanding physicality of the deceptively small instrument.

Limelight Magazine, December 2019

The Trout (Brisbane Music Festival)

“In the gracious setting of the Old Museum Building ... the performers and audience were gifted with a rewarding acoustic, an ideal soundstage for Jonathan Henderson’s fluid and assured performance of Bach’s Partita in A Minor for solo flute, BWV 1013 ... After greeting the audience, Henderson commanded silence as he retreated inside himself to prepare to play the challenging Allemande. His eloquence in exploring Bach’s syntax, swift fingering shifts, wide leaps with scarcely time to breathe, and, how he navigated the expansive tonal register which ends on a high A in the first movement was impressive. Animated phrasing and lively representation of the buoyant rhythmical stretches delighted the crowd and his tone gathered even more lustre and depth as he journeyed through the expressive, sighing Sarabande.”


Brisbane Stage, December 2019

Trout Number 9

“Jonathan Henderson’s masterful rendition of [Bach’s Partita in A Minor for solo flute, BWV 1013] quickly reveals what this seasoned performer is capable of. The delicate sounds, made only possible with the flautist’s own breath, presented the raw and living connection between the audience and the music. In Henderson’s hands, one note at a time, the music soared, filling the hall with the perfection of Bach’s harmonies.”


O'Connel The Music, December 2019

Let's Not Be Gentlemen All The Time


“With Henderson, Raineri brought Pierre Sancan’s Flute Sonatine to our attention and we owe both musicians many thanks for their efforts. This was a fine dialogue demonstration, not least for Henderson’s remarkable stamina, particularly in some long sentences during the first movement Moderato.”


Stage Whispers, November 2019

Lyrical Reflections

“Ross Edwards’ Nura, a two-musician work for flute and piano ... allowed flautist Jonathan Henderson to capture the early morning sounds of the Blue Mountains with exquisite control"


Limelight Magazine, July 2019

Maps and Journeys: Navigating by the Sky

"the vengeful storm crashed back with fluttering flutes and ascending trilling scales from the talented guest artist Jonathan Henderson"

P   R   E   S   S  

4MBS Classic FM Program Guide, February 2020

Return of the Prodigal Son—Jonathan Henderson, Flute Player

Interview for 4MBS Classic FM 'Music Talks'.

Newcastle Herald, September 2019

Gloucester festival brings classical music to a barn

The two-day event this Saturday and Sunday features musicians from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Opera Australia Orchestra and others who play with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra plus world-class soloists, including American harpist Emily Granger (now living in Sydney) and Newcastle-born European-based flautist Jonathan Henderson, who has recently returned to Australia.


Cut Common Magazine, July 2017

Jonathan Henderson: “I wish to keep my curiosity for music alive”

Newcastle-born Jonathan Henderson serves as principal flute of the Estonian National Opera. He returns to Australia to present a world premiere of Lisa Cheney’s flute concerto with the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra.


Limelight Magazine, July 2017

Lisa Cheney's New Concerto: A First for Flautist and Composer

Jonathan Henderson will premiere the Australian composer’s new work with the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra.


Australian Youth Orchestra, July 2015

Jonathan Henderson AYO 2010 Alumnus Interview

Griffith News, June 2015

Young Flutist to Hone Skills in Switzerland

Australian flutist Jonathan Henderson has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with international soloist and professor Jacques Zoon in Geneva, Switzerland.